SUMFINANCE, 30.11.2016

SUMFINANCE Описание We are SUMFINANCE and we are here to help you to SUM profit and success. We have consistently earned customer loyalty by always staying ahead of the technological curve and always providing an unparalleled customer service. SUMFINACE’ very innovative business model was developed to satisfy most demanding private


CLOUDMININGPOOL Описание Cloudminingpool was founded in 2016. Based in Hong Kong, we are an investment company that deals in cryptocurrency exchange, bitcoin mining and forex trading. With clients from across the globe, Cloudminingpool manages a professional forex traders team and a bitcoin mining team. We are also in the midst

PROFITQUANT, 29.11.2016

PROFITQUANT Описание Profit Quant [PQ] consists of trading professionals who are involved in algorithmic trading. We are quantitative traders who work to develop computer-based trading strategies that execute trades when certain market conditions are met in order to generate value based on statistical analysis. We trade on almost all crypto

PIRATESLOT, 29.11.2016

PIRATESLOT Описание – инвестиционно-игровой проект, созданный профессиональной командой экспертов в сфере инвестиций в международные ценные бумаги. Основная цель PirateSlot заключается в удобстве инвестирования, вы не вникаете в тонкости и проблемные моменты. Создаете депозиты и получаете прибыль в легкой игровой форме. Прибыль за каждое приключение тщательно просчитана и зависит от

OBTC, 29.11.2016

OBTC Описание Добро пожаловать на сайт компании «Object Bitcoin». Мы представляем инициативную группу опытных специалистов и разработчиков. Основная работа сосредоточена на добыче криптовалют и обороты на биржевых площадках. Присоединившись к нашей команде, вы можете сделать свой вклад в развитие перспективных проектов и получать прибыль. Любой энтузиаст присоединившийся к нам будет

GOLDENBANK, 28.11.2016

GOLDENBANK Описание This platform has been implemented in accordance with the development plan of international expansion by large financial services provider in the market of precious metals and further processing production. Today, this industry is quite promising for the involvement of the private equity and corporate assets. We offer a

FASTFOREX, 28.11.2016

FASTFOREX Описание Fast Forex Limited is a registered investment and trading firm offering comprehensive wealth management solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of affluent individuals, institutions and corporations. We specialize in portfolio management, forex and gold trading and hedging in e-currencies and crypto-currencies. Fast Forex Limited has been started

ASTORIAFOREX, 27.11.2016

ASTORIAFOREX Описание When it comes to choosing what investment to go for, a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work – there isn’t a single investment product that will work for everyone. It’s only when you take a closer look at these that you can begin to answer the question ‘what is

BIT300, 26.11.2016

BIT300 Описание BIT300 is an international company officially registered as «BIT300 LTD.» with the company registration number 10462864 in the UK companies house under Companies ACT 1996. BIT300 Ltd is a highly expertise company which deals the funds in Bitcoin Mining and Crypto Currency Trading.In the past years, we have

FINFREE, 25.11.2016

FINFREE Описание What is financial freedom? It is the financial state of the person in which he has enough variety of material and monetary assets that provide a regular income, significantly higher than the costs. Financially independent people are freed from the constant thoughts about earnings money and get unwavering