UBACAPITAL, 28.06.2017

хайп без баннера


n 2017 cryptocurrency gratifies again with its variability, and it’s often used by the stock exchange market traders.
UBACapital specialists joined the trend right during these changes, and claimed the top position among traders.
They are using specific trade market prediction tools, and they are earning money on cryptocurrency value both increments, and decreasements.
Initialy, income was generated only from private funds exclusivly, and after a few weeks, UBACapital economists published a report about activity results, which was a keystone of a commercial offer development: investors recieved a very eloquent proof of a traders being extremely efficient.
At this moment, UBACapital offers everyone who wants to earn money on the cryptocurrency possibility to do it, despite the initial capital size: every single dollar is added to the accumulated funds, from which the enormous fund pools are formed, operated by the traders during the trading process. Devircification of the earned funds are proportional to the funds invested: the more invested — the more withdrawn.
For investors, the whole process is automated, and the earning process is simplified to regular income withdrawage.
Average income is from 8% up to 10.5% a day, and the earnings amount depends only on your deposit size.

Инвестиционные планы:
Marketing plan (included 8% daily, 9% daily, 10.5% daily)
Платежные системы:
PM, AdvCash, Payeer, BitCoin
Реферальная программа:
7% от депозита реферала

-ССЛ шифрование и ДДоС защита сайта (Maksa Web Solutions Pvt Ltd)
-лицензионный скрипт Gold Coders
-социальные сети
-оригинальный дизайн
-безопасность аккаунта (данные не фиксируются)
-иконка хостинга ddos-guard не соответствует действительности
-на сайте нет описания реферальной программы
Хайп подготовлен слабо, с большим количеством грубых ошибок. Перспективы заработать в нём деньги минимальные…

Мониторы и форумы


Новые хайпы с плохой технической подготовкой («партизаны», с ворованным дизайном, без дизайна, с нелицензионным скриптом, без ССЛ, без ДДоС защиты сайта):


Предоставленная информация отражает только технические стороны подготовки проекта.
Перспективы работы хайпов в большой степени зависят от этих характеристик, но они не являются решающими.

The information provided reflects only the technical side of investment programs.
HYIPs are highly dependent on these characteristics, but they are not decisive.
Новые хайпы в режиме реального времени

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